UniFi In-Wall WiFi Access Point

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It will work with:

Ubiquiti UniFi Switches

Ubiquiti EdgeSwitches

Any other brand of 802.3af/at POE switch that uses Alternative-A. Most do, but not all.

This POE Adapter: POE-UAP-IW.

It will not work with:

Most simple 48V passive POE supplies, as these usually use Alternative-B (pins 4,5,7,8)

Most 802.3af/at Mid-Span Injectors, as these usually use Alternative-B (pins 4,5,7,8)

802.3af/at POE Switches that only use Alternative-B. These are not common, but at least one brand make Alternative-B POE 

Most popular model in Hotel rooms across the world. Most suitable for Hotels in Doha Qatar.

Solutions from many vendors are costly but hardly work on hotel rooms, Unif InWall AP is centralized managed, cost effective. In addition, there is guest portal where you can assing passwords for specifica time.

in wall installation

The UniFi® In-Wall Wi-Fi AP is ideal for:

deployments in the the hospitality industry (Hotels, Motels, ...) or office/campus environments.

retrofitting an existing, in-wall, wired Ethernet jack to include a centrally managed WiFi access point.

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