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Unifi users across the world tells you the stories of their deployments, in very special circumstances and areas, mostly funny ...

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Avaya experts take you into the world of business communications. many blog feature special scenarios in Qatar ..

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FAQ on Wireless bridging and related permits in Qatar , some of the most frequently asked questions related to ICT and perimits ...

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Before taking any decision related to VPN / Remote access in Qatar , please consider these changes happened recently in Qatar ....

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FIFA2022, We help you to get ready

Qatar is preparing for the event of our life time- FIFA2022. Without any doubt it will be the most spectacular show world has ever witnessed. Every person and companies are working hard to make it a great success. We at, is in the process of helping in our own little way to addressing the enormous technology challenge requried to build the infrastructure. 

Wireless for stadiums

Ubiquity Unifi

The unprecendent infrastructure development happening in Qatar, on all fields like Sport facilities, Roads and bridges, Residential and Shopping buildings, Petro-chemical etc, requires the world's best technology products and services. We, not just supply IT equipments, but makes sure that the solutions works for Qatar

IP Telephony and Call centers

Avaya Cisco Yealink

Bugetary constraints, Availability, time of implementation are the major concerns of IT managers in Doha. We provide very cost effective solutions, most products readily available either in our Doha store or in Dubai, fastest and cost effective implementation with our experienced consultants and engineers, and pro-active support. 


Cisco SMB Switches, Unifi wireless

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