NSA 2600 Appliance 01-SSC-3860

Brand Name: SonicWALL

Product Series: NSA

Product Model: 2600

Product Name: NSA 2600 Network Security Appliance

Marketing Information: Today's organizations face unprecedented security challenges. The sophistication and volume of attacks is increasing exponentially, often resulting in lost company, personal and customer data; stolen intellectual property; damaged reputations; and lost productivity. At the same time, security has become more complex. Organizations are grappling with the BYOD revolution and the explosion of personal devices connecting to the network. Personal smartphones and tablets slow network performance and productivity, and mobile applications such as social media and video streaming consume an enormous amount of bandwidth. In order to address these network security and productivity challenges, some organizations have chosen to compromise their security by turning off features to maintain network performance.

Network Security/Firewall Appliance

15000 x Connections per Second , 225000 x Maximum Connections (SPI) , 125000 x Maximum Connections (DPI) , 32 x SonicPoints Supported (Maximum) , 75 x Site-to-Site VPN Tunnels , 10 x IPSec VPN Clients , 250 x IPSec VPN Clients (Maximum) , 50 x VLAN Interfaces

Firewall Protection: Application Control, Gateway Antivirus, Reassembly-free Deep Packet Inspection, Access Control, Remote Access Authentication, Malware Protection, Deep Inspection Firewall, Web Content Filtering, Anti-spyware, Packet Inspection, Content Filtering, Proxy Blocking, URL Filtering, Intrusion Prevention, Trojan Horse, Stateful Packet Filtering, ICMP Flood, SYNflood Protection, UDP Flood, Denial of Service (DoS), TCP stream reassembly, Keyword Filtering, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), Zero Day Event, Ingress Filtering, Egress Filtering

Encryption Standard: DES, 3DES, AES (128-bit), AES (192-bit), AES (256-bit), MD5, SHA-1
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