Norstar T7208 Phone ( Avaya Nortel )

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NT8B26AABLE6, NT8B26AABM - Nortel T7208 Six-line Telephone with 8 Programmable Buttons
Norstar Business Series Terminal Norstar T7208 is an enhanced-level, multi-line telephone with an integrated LCD. It is intended for moderate call volume users such as office professionals and technical specialists. The NT8B26 Phone is available in colors platinum and charcoal.

Norstar T7208 Phone

Supports up to 6 lines

8 programmable memory buttons with LCD indicator

Tilt-display with integrated visual ring/message waiting indicator

1 line, 16-character LCD window

Large dial pad

Handsfree operation

Built-in headset jack

Audio control center

Feature access button

Hold button

Release button

Wall mountable

Equip with Direct Connect Headset Jack

Norstar T7208 Compatibility and Requirements

Norstar T7208 is Compatible with all releases of Norstar CICS business telephone systems andMICS business telephone systems and all releases of Nortel BCM business telephone systems

Also compatible with Avaya IP Office and Avaya IP Office Quick Version equipped with IP500 TCM 8, IP500 Digital Station 16A, or IP500

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Part Number: NT8B26AABLE6, NT8B26AABM
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