The GLC-SX-MMD is a 1000Base SFP optical transceiver from Cisco®. FluxLight’s GLC-SX-MMD transceiver is preloaded with the exact same configuration data as the Cisco® transceiver. Our transceiver initializes and performs identically to a Cisco® GLC-SX-MMDD transceiver, enabling seamless network integration with Cisco® equipment. FluxLight’s GLC-SX-MMD is 100% MSA (Multi-Source Agreement) compliant, and will work with other MSA compliant third-party networking equipment. All of our optical transceivers are tested for 100% functionality and guaranteed compatible for outstanding network performance.

FluxLight’s GLC-SX-MMD is ideal for use in fiber optic networks for data centers, campuses, and even large scale metropolitan networks. The SFP optical transceiver is compliant with IEEE802.3Z 1000Base-SX standards and is capable of supporting links up to 550 meters over 50/125μm multimode fiber cables. These SFP optical transceivers use an 850nm Class 1 laser.

Built-in digital diagnostic monitoring (a.k.a. DOM) functionality sets the GLX-SX-MMD apart from its counterpart, the GLC-SX-MM. DOM, or digital optical monitoring, allows for real-time monitoring of operating parameters like optical power, temperature, and voltage.

FluxLight offers all brands and form factors of optical transceivers for all of your networking needs. Now you have a reliable, compatible and affordable means to expand your network while maintaining its integrity.


Mfg. Compatibility: Cisco®

Part Number: GLC-SX-MMD

Form Factor: SFP

TX Wavelength: 850nm

Reach: 500m

Cable Type: multimode fiber

Rate Category: 1000Base

Interface Type: SX

Digital Optical Mon. (DOM): Yes

Connector Type: Dual-LC
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