Avaya Legacy Card 700417215

CAvaya IP500 Legacy Card Carrier, 700417215, NEWThe Avaya IP500 legacy carrier card can be used to fit IP400 trunk or VCM daughter cards into the IP500 control unit. Up to two legacy carrier cards can be installed in one IP500 control unit.Specifications:Supports the following IP400 cards only:PRI T1Dual PRI T1PRI 30 E1 (1.4)Dual PRI E1PRI 30 E1R2 - RJ45Dual PRI E1R2 - RJ45BRI-8 (UNI)Analog 4 Uni (US only)VCM 4VCM 8VCM 16VCM 24VCM 30Does not support IP500 daughter cards - only legacy IP400IP400 PRI trunk cards fitted to IP500/IP500v2 systems do not require trunk licensesIP400 VCM cards fitted to IP500/IP500v2 systems do not override IP500 license requirements for voice networking trunks.
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