3COM Baseline Switch 2226 Plus

Performance: 8.8 Gbps, max.; wirespeed performance across ports

Layer 2 switching: full-rate nonblocking on all ports, full-/half-duplex autonegotiation, flow control, IEEE 802.1Q VLAN support, IEEE 802.1p traffic prioritization, IGMP snooping; more

Convergence: 4 hardware queues per port; IEEE 802.1p Class of Service/Quality of Service (CoS/QoS); auto-VLAN assignment for voice traffic; more

Switch management: Web-based configuration, SNMP management

Web-managed Layer 2 10/100 Ethernet switch

Twenty-four 10/100 ports and two dual-purpose Gigabit ports (copper or SFP-based fiber)

No need to configure the switch if default settings are acceptable

If more control desired, the completely redesigned switch interface allows even novice users to quickly and confidently configure the switch

Switch can be managed with SNMP-compatible software

VLANs segment the network by grouping users based on their data or traffic requirements, making the best use of available bandwidth

Voice over IP (VoIP) traffic can be automatically assigned to a voice-dedicated VLAN, optimizing this delay-sensitive traffic

With manual link aggregation, group ports together to form an ultra-high-bandwidth trunked connection to the network backbone and help prevent traffic bottlenecks

IEEE 802.1X network access control provides standards-based security combined with local authentication

Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) support improves network compatibility, scalability and availability

IGMP snooping and query and multicast filtering optimizes network performance
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